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The first observations have been of ionized trails in the Geminids meteor shower during December 1945. While the power soon developed to turn into the third largest radio observatory on the earth, some radar astronomy continued. The largest (250-ft or seventy six-m in diameter) of their three absolutely steerable radio telescopes became operational simply in […]Read More

Radar Kudus


A easy wave-interference equipment can detect the presence of an object, however it can’t decide its location or velocity. That needed to await the invention of pulsed radar, and later, additional encoding strategies to extract this information from a CW signal. When Taylor’s group at the NRL have been unsuccessful in getting interference radio accepted as a detection means, Young advised trying pulsing techniques. This would also enable the direct willpower of range to the goal.

The RF spectrum utilized by radar normally lies between 30 MHz and one hundred + GHz. It is a radio detection device that provides information on range, azimuth, and/or elevation of objects...

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