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I’m guessing that’s as a end result of the iPod Hi-Fi was nonetheless on the market when these got here out, however it’s most likely no coincidence that it was discontinued the identical day the primary iPod contact arrived. Mitchell’s experiment was also difficult by the fact that the iPod Hi-Fi uses FireWire based mostly charging. As he explains within the video, the original iPods charged and synced only over Apple’s FireWire connection, which offered 12V charging power. Back then, FireWire was the dominant port on Apple’s Macs, so that made sense. However, the iPad mini 6 has a USB-C port, so that complicates issues much more.

FromBéla Fleck and the Flecktonesthrough toHugh Masekela,and across many musical genres, there’s no doubt the Superwax Mini is a music lover’s louds...

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