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Physical detachment of etched products (i.e. H2 and/or silicate) in the etching process can contribute to enhance the etch fee, by indirectly enhancing the access of reactants to etching front. Chen et al. measured the typical etch price as a perform of ultrasonic agitation power for 33 wt% KOH and 5 wt% TMAH water solutions. Average etch rate increases according to the increase of ultrasonic power enter in a spread of zero to four hundred W with a single frequency of 40 kHz. The ratio of increase of etch rate between with and without agitation for 33 wt% KOH at eighty ℃ is 1.2, while for 5 wt% TMAH at 70 ℃ it is 1.6.


Another example is magneto-rheological finishing developed at the University of Rochester ...

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