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The Audiovisual Essay

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The Audiovisual Essay


time base corrector – the circuitry, or a stand alone component, used to stabilize the horizontal traces of an analog video image . throw distance– the length of the projection beam necessary for a specific projector to provide a picture of a specified size. floor mount microphone– also referred to as a boundary microphone, placed on a table to pick up sound. Used in boardrooms and different environments the place a number of talkers have to be “picked up” and where the microphone wants to remain unobtrusive.

The minimal spanning trees of the AV, A-VN, and V-AN conditions are shown in Figure 5. Notably, in optimistic relationships, related linked elements were noticed among AV, A-VN, and V-AN speech circumstances.

tremendous cardioid polar sample– the exaggerated coronary heart-...

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