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Picosecond Lasers Market Share, Gross Sales Channels And Overview Till 2028

Achievable etching fee for Si shown in Fig.16a is 10 μm/min with 50 wt% KOH solution, while that with 28 wt% KOH solution is 5 μm/min. Similarly, for Si proven in Fig.16b, 50wt% KOH answer achieved etching rate of 21 μm/min, whereas 28 wt% KOH answer achieved 8 μm/min. If the etch charges are compared with 80 ℃ etching temperature, the etch rates in 50 wt% KOH are elevated by 5–9 instances for Si and 4–20 instances for Si when the etching temperature enhance upto the boiling point of the etchant. Figure17 shows the Arrhenius plots of Si and Si etching rates for various KOH concentrations starting from 10 to 50 wt%. The Arrhenius plots are nearly linear from eighty ℃ to near the boiling point...

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