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In the US Air Force it is called RAPCON , and in the US Navy as a RATCF . Typically, the TRACON controls aircraft within a 30 to 50 nautical mile radius of the airport at an altitude between 10,000 and 15,000 feet . The system, Japan’s first full Radio Range Finder (RRF – radar), […]Read More

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The top ranges of the Imperial Navy believed that any benefit of using radio for this function have been greatly outweighed by enemy intercept and disclosure of the sender’s presence. Kobayashi instructed to the Army Science Research Institute that this phenomenon could be used as an plane warning methodology.

The EC-1 did not present a spread measurement; to add this functionality, development of a pulsed system was initiated in 1937. Captain Alfeo Brandimarte joined the group and primarily designed the first pulsed system, the EC-2. This operated at 175 MHz (1.7 m) and used a single antenna made with numerous equi-phased dipoles. The detected signal was supposed to be displayed on an oscilloscope.


The LEPI had built a transmitter and receiver to check the radio-reflection traits o...

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