Make a logo for a coffee shop

Make a logo for a coffee shop

A logo for a coffee shop is a brand identity that creates the reputation and image of the establishment. The right logo allows you to effectively attract potential customers “for coffee”, creating a sense of exquisite time spent in an atmospheric space.

The logo allows you to present and immerse yourself in the specifics of the institution, through the associative series, caused by competently chosen elements of the logo.

How to choose a logo icon?

The optimal solution when choosing an icon are the elements associated in customers with this typology of establishments. For example, coffee beans. However, coffee beans are a hackneyed symbol that evokes warmth and liveliness. Each person’s taste buds are individual, so each customer imagines the ideal taste of coffee differently. However, when he sees a beautifully designed coffee bean on the logo, he will imagine the taste that he enjoys as much as possible.

Cutlery and cooking utensils can also act as associative elements. For example, the logo might feature candy kettles, forks, cups or candy.

If you find it difficult to decide on a basic logo icon, the best way to solve the problem is the online logo builder “Turbologo”, the ability to generate an image according to the parameters you enter, keywords and color preferences.

Choosing a color palette and font

Neutral or gentle colors will work for a coffee shop. For example, beige, brown, muted green or bedding pink, reminiscent of marshmallow. When choosing colors, it is important to focus on the psychological associations that are evoked in clients at the sight of a certain color. For example, if you want to evoke joy, add yellow. If the design of your coffee shop is vintage, add beige, reminiscent of the lace girls of the 19th century.

For coffee shops, it is advisable to use handwritten fonts associated with letters, books or something refined and aristocratic. However, the font should be easy to read and understand for passersby.

General Guidelines

When you use vector graphics to create a logo, you improve the quality of the image, which will allow it to be used later on large banners. You should not copy or convert popular trends. The use of evocative colors is undesirable, as they will not be associated with coffee. A single logo should not have more than two fonts


The main thing is to come up with a unique idea and execute it competently, in accordance with all the rules and recommendations from marketers, and graphic designers. Many famous coffee shops started with a small attractive sign, attracting customers. Therefore, the logo plays one of the most important marketing functions